Tulsa Web Design coming soon.

what’s up?! i really hope life is treating you well. …if you clicked on this, you’re probably in tulsa, and you either need some web design work done, or you’re a website designer and you’re perhaps wanting to buy this domain to boost your SEO rankings.

For website stuff, talk to the tulsa web design pros at just the web.

And no, this domain is not for sale. just the web & i are working here on a directory of all tulsa web folks — programmers, designers, photographers, writers, marketers, SEO guys, app developers, anyone and everyone who does really good quality work in tulsa — to showcase the great creativity that’s coming from this area and to help the entire community and not just one person. if you like the idea and are interested in contributing or being listed, let me know!

carlos moreno
auryn creative

google voice: (918) 876-0974
twitter: @chimchim237